16-4-8 With Acid and Iron

SKU: 038482-SUN | Brand: Sunniland Fertilizers

50Lb Bag / Ton / Bulk

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Sunniland 16-4-8 plus Iron and Acid standard landscape blend
tem: 038482

The purpose of Sunniland 16-4-8 plus Iron / Acid is to replace nutrients that have been removed in a ratio that is best for the turf being grown.  The soluble nitrogen gives turfgrass a good boost and encourages more aggressive leaf growth. The slow release will become available to the turfgrass over time, preventing a spiking of growth in favor of a continuous, even growth pattern.

Contains 4.8 units slow release N

Total Nitrogen                 16%
 11.20% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
 4.80% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  0% Water Insoluble Nitgrogen
Available Phosphate        4%
Soluble Potash                  8%
Total Magnesium              1.2%
Boron                                   .02%
Chlorine, not more than     6%
Copper                                .05%
Iron                                       3%
Manganese                        .06%
Zinc                                     .06%
Molybdenum                      .0005%

Manufactured by Sunniland.