Adjuvants are used to modify the physical characteristics of a liquid spray application to improve its performance


Argosy RF

SKU: ARGOSYRF-PNT | Brand: Performance Nutrition
2 x 2.5 Gal

Water-Soluble Polymer Adjuvant

Argosy RF, from Performance Nutrition is a water soluble, environmentally safe polymer adjuvant composed of inert ingredients.. When tank mixed with the appropriate...

Duo Stick Select

SKU: GV00013-SEL | Brand: Select Source
4 x 1 Gal


Principal Functioning Agents:
Proprietary blend of methylated seed oil and organosilicone surfactants.................. 99.0%

Duo Stick Select is a high quality blend...

Foam Marker Select

SKU: GV00084-SEL | Brand: Select Source
12 x 1 qt

Foam Marker Select is a high visibility, stable foam marker engineered to remain tough and flexible under a wide variety of field conditions whether the water source is hard, soft, hot or cold. Foam...

Masking Agent Select

SKU: GV00059-SEL | Brand: Select Source
12 x 1 qt


Masking Agent Select is a concentrated fragrance containing essential oils from the wintergreen plant, designed to mask objectionable chemical odors. The odors associated with the...

MSO Select

SKU: GV00030-SEL | Brand: Select Source
2 x 2.5 Gal

MSO Select is a unique blend of modified vegetable oils and nonionic surfactants. Its slow drying time enables better uptake of the pesticide and more complete pest control.  MSO SELECT will improve...

Venture CaConditioner Liquid Gypsum Substitute

SKU: GV00142-AME | Brand: Golf Ventures
2 x 2.5 Gal Case


1 quart of CaConditioner contains more available calcium than 200 pounds of dry gypsum.

Decreases harmful excess salts
Increases water penetration...


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