Adjuvants are used to modify the physical characteristics of a liquid spray application to improve its performance


Argosy RF

SKU: ARGOSYRF-PNT | Brand: Performance Nutrition
2 x 2.5 Gal

Water-Soluble Polymer Adjuvant

Argosy RF, from Performance Nutrition is a water soluble, environmentally safe polymer adjuvant composed of inert ingredients.. When tank mixed with the appropriate...

Duo Stick Select

SKU: GV00013-SEL | Brand: Select Source
4 x 1 Gal


Principal Functioning Agents:
Proprietary blend of methylated seed oil and organosilicone surfactants.................. 99.0%

Duo Stick Select is a high quality blend...

Foam Marker Select

SKU: GV00084-SEL | Brand: Select Source
12 x 1 qt

Foam Marker Select is a high visibility, stable foam marker engineered to remain tough and flexible under a wide variety of field conditions whether the water source is hard, soft, hot or cold. Foam...

Masking Agent Select

SKU: GV00059-SEL | Brand: Select Source
12 x 1 qt


Masking Agent Select is a concentrated fragrance containing essential oils from the wintergreen plant, designed to mask objectionable chemical odors. The odors associated with the...

MSO Select

SKU: GV00030-SEL | Brand: Select Source
2 x 2.5 Gal

MSO Select is a unique blend of modified vegetable oils and nonionic surfactants. Its slow drying time enables better uptake of the pesticide and more complete pest control.  MSO SELECT will improve...


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