Topdressing Sand

Our wide variety of topdressing sands keep sports fields healthier and more playable, with consistent drainage. Our high-purity silica sand is the perfect fit for frequent light brush-in applications to avoid disrupting play and amending your current root zone for better performance.  

We are the only distributor of Comand products for the turfgrass industry in Florida.  Our premium Comand topdressing blends are designed to maximize soil life, plant fertility & health – and to reduce overall maintenance costs.

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COMAND 100% Compost (Fine 1/8")

SKU: COMAND-1/8-100-LIF | Brand: Life Soils

Super Fine 1/8' Particle Size.  For greens topdressing and other fine particle applications.


COMAND 1000lb Super Sack (Fine 1/8 inch)

SKU: COMAND 1/8 100 SACK | Brand: Life Soils
Super Sack

1,000 LB - approximately yard of pure Organic COMAND® compost in a canvas super sack.  Shipped on pallet.  Fine (1/8th inch max particle size).

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COMAND 40 X 45lb Bags (1/8in Pure Compost) Pallet

SKU: COMAND 1/8 100-LIF | Brand: Life Soils
Pallet (40 Bags)

Shipped as pallet of 40 bags.  

Ready to try COMAND®? Consider 45 pound bags of pure 1/8 inch pure...

COMAND Top Dressing Mixes

SKU: BLEND-COMMAND | Brand: Life Soils

Delivered in SuperSacks (1,000 LB)...

COMAND 100% Compost (1/4")

SKU: COMAND 1/4 100-LIF | Brand: Life Soils

Fine 1/4 inch particle size.  For golf course topdressing and other fine particle applications.

Delivered by Dump truck (Minimum order 20 Yards)

What Makes COMAND Compost so...

COMAND 1000lb Super Sack (1/4 inch)

SKU: COMAND 1/4 100 SACK | Brand: Life Soils
Super Sack

Fine ¼ inch Particle Size.  For Fairways, Tee Boxes, Sports Fields and Landscape.

Delivered in...


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