Bernhard Express Dual 4000 Spin Grinder

SKU: A01014.000-BER | Brand: Bernhard and Company LTD

The revolutionary Express Dual 4000 automatically grinds mower reels in so there’s no need for disassembly. The membrane-touch control panel, speed loading system and automatic traverse feature ensure...

Bernhard Grinder OEM Parts

SKU: PARTS-BER | Brand: Bernhard and Company LTD

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Bernhard Anglemaster 4000 Bedknife Grinder

SKU: AM4000-BER | Brand: Bernhard and Company LTD

The Anglemaster 4000 was designed to match the speed, ease and accuracy of its Express Dual counterpart, grinding bedknives to within one thousandth of an inch. Like the new Express Dual 4000, the Anglemaster...


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