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Golf Ventures International ("GVI") division was established to meet the unique needs of the Caribbean and Central American Turf and Hospitality Markets. We are a leading distributor of organic and synthetic fertilizers, plant protectants, accessories, and specialty products to the Golf, Turf, Commercial Landscape, and Resort markets within the region.

Our products are hand selected from industry leaders such as Brandt, Prime Source, Syngenta, Performance Nutritution, Wedgeworth's, Quali-Pro, Earthworks, Standard, Par Aide, Sprinkler Magician, Global Turf and many more. We have over 4,500 products available to help you immediately solve your challenges, along with the specialized support required for international business.

Examples of our products include:

  • A full line of Brandt products, a global leader in specialty fertilizers, adjuvants, pond dyes and biopesticides
  • Sprinkler Magician introduces an all organic solution to eradicating pest like mosquitos, ticks, sand fleas, ants, etc. through your sprinkler system. Solution has 5 organic active ingredients to form a barrier to keep pests out!
  • A full line of Performance Nutrition products, including KaPre ExAlt, that flushes sodium from the root zone without indiscriminately stripping the soil of micronutrients.
  • Over 2,000 Golf Course Accessories-flagsticks, flags, signs, tee markers, benches, cups, and support tools-from Standard Golf, Paraide, and Witteck.
  • High quality late model pre-owned and used turf equipment and machinery. 
  • Weedoo is the industry’s leading manufacturer of aquatic environmental workboats weed harvesters and weed cutters.

Doing business with Golf Ventures International is easy.  We are able to send products to most of our International Customers within 24 hours of filling out a customer application.  All international shipping is through your freight forwarder as a FOB, unless other arrangements are made. We will work with your freight forwarder to coordinate shipping of products and ensure that and proper paperwork is provided.

The GVI sales and support staff has over 75 years of experience in the Caribbean and Central America markets.  We are committed to assist our international customers with the same level of service, product support, and problem solving that has made Golf Ventures an industry leader in Florida since 1986.

For more information, please contact Scott Jones, Director of Sales for Golf Ventures International.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you.  Download fact sheet.



  • Golf Ventures Adds CrossOver Calcium Silicate to Product Line

    Friday, January 26, 2018

    Golf Ventures, Inc. had added CrossOver by Harsco Minerals to our product line of turf grass and landscaping products to clients throughout Florida and the Caribbean. This innovative product delivers granular calcium and silica to plants, which strengthens plants and increases disease resistance.
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