PH & Buffer

PH And Buffer Products for Lawn and Landscape Professionals


Brandt Indicate 5 (turf)

SKU: 02009BRN101-BRA | Brand: Brandt
4 x 1 Gal

pH Indicator, Acidifier, Water Conditioning Agent & Spreader

Brandt Indicate 5 is the only adjuvant that contains a built-in pH indicator, turning the spray water pink as soon as the optimum...

Induce Ph

SKU: INDUCE340 | Brand: Helena
2 x 2.5 gal

Induce pH is a multifunctional spray adjuvant capable of providing water conditioning, wetting, spreading, deposition enhancement, and pH modification. Induce is a special blend of nonionic, low-foam...


SKU: NUTROL-PNT | Brand: Performance Nutrition

Water Soluble Fertilizer, Broad-Spectrum Fungicide & Tank Buffering Agent

Nutrol, from Performance Nutrition is manufactured specifically to works in three ways; as a fungicide, as a fertilizer...

Terreplex Organic Acid (Case)

SKU: TERREPL001 | Brand: Helena
5 Gal

Terreplex Organic Acid is a carbon-rich acidifier derived from the lignin in trees. It is a natural organic...


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