5-Gang Magnum Harvester Ball Picker

SKU: 85100-STD | Brand: Standard Golf Co.


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Superior Dual-Integrated Gang Technology means each gang member pivots independently in any direction for unequalled maneuverability on rolling terrain.  Operates in all types of grasses and conditions, when navigating slopes -- even when backing away from trees and other obstacles.

It's the only gang picker in the world that backs up without getting tangled or damaged!
Low-profile reaches under trees, sweeps close to yardage markers
Powder-coated finish ensures superior, long-lasting appearance and better rust resistance
3-gang unit covers 9 ft.  (2.7 m.), weighs 277 lb. (126 kg.)
5-gang unit covers 15 ft. (4.6 m.), weights 427 lb. (194 kg.)

Gang Magnum Harvester Ball