54in Hollow Fiberglass Replacement Rake Handle Hunter Green

SKU: 972-5-PAR | Brand: Par Aide Products Co.


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Replacement Handles

Fiberglass Honeycomb handle offers greater strength. Available in yellow for greater visibility by golfers and staff.

Fiberglass Hollow design is lighter.

All fiberglass handles contain improved UV protection to help them last longer.

Powder Coated Aluminum for a nonfiberglass option. Lightweight yet strong.

Additional Replacement Handles
Part NumberPart Description
97254 in. (1.37 m) Aluminum, Green
972-154 in. (1.37 m) Honeycomb Fiberglass, Green
972-1054 in. (1.37 m) Aluminum, Sienna Brown
972-254 in. (1.37 m) Honeycomb Fiberglass, Yellow
972-554 in. (1.37 m) Hollow Fiberglass, Green
972-672 in. (1.83 m) Hollow Fiberglass, Green