SKU: CONFRON154 | Brand: DOW
4 x 1 Gal

Active Ingredient: Triclopyr Clopyralid


A non-phenoxy herbicide, Confront® specialty herbicide is ideal for high-use areas including golf courses, parks, commercial...

Conserve (SC) (Qt)

SKU: CONSERV581 | Brand: DOW
4 X 1 Qt


Active Ingredient: 

    Spinosad (including Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D) - 11.6% 

Conserve SC Turf and Ornamental is a specialty insecticide...

Dimension Ultra WSP

SKU: DIMENSI406 | Brand: DOW
8 x 8 x 5 Oz

 This product is not effective until activated by 1/2 inch or more of rainfall or irrigation.

 For use in established lawns, commercial sod farms, non-cropland and industrial...

Dimension 2 EW

SKU: DIMENSI411 | Brand: DOW
2 x 2.5 gal

Active Ingredient: Dithiopyr

DIMENSION 2EW can be applied to landscape and field- and container-grown ornamentals, controlling both grassy and broadleaf weeds without harming desirable plants....

Dithane 75DF Rainshield

SKU: DITHANE001 | Brand: DOW
30 lb bag

Dithane 75DF Rainshield specialty fungicide is a unique broad-spectrum protectant fungicide that offers longerlasting protection and better disease control than other fungicides in its class. It is...

Dithane Rainshield

SKU: DITHANE157 | Brand: DOW
50 lb bag

Dithane Rainshield turf and ornamental specialty fungicide is a broad spectrum ornamental contact fungicide for preventative control of rust, leaf spots, scab and other key diseases



Dithane 75DF Rainshield

SKU: DITHANE186 | Brand: DOW
4 x 12 lb

Dithane 75DF Rainshield Specialty Fungicide 12 lb. is a broad-spectrum protectant fungicide that is effective in controlling plant diseases such as rust, scab, purple spot, copper spot, dollar spot,...

Dursban 50 WSP (RUP)

SKU: DURSBAN144 | Brand: DOW
8 x 1 Lb

Dursban 50W specialty insecticide offers superior control of more than 280 insect pests. It is available in pre-measured water-soluble packets and offers long residual control.



Eagle 20 EW

SKU: EAGLE633 | Brand: DOW
4 x 1 Gal

Active Ingredient: Myclobutanil


Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide provides excellent control of dollar spot and brown patch and is labeled for use on major turf varieties,...

GALLERY SC (Agency Priced)

SKU: EL11103357 | Brand: DOW
2 x 2 Gal

Active Ingredient:  isoxaben - 45.45% 


Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide is an easy-to-use suspension concentrate. The new formulation offers excellent plant...

Turflon Ester Ultra

SKU: EL317845 | Brand: DOW
2 x 2.5 gal

Active Ingredient: Triclopyr


With a new non-petroleum methylated seed oil (MSO) solvent, Turflon® Ester Ultra specialty herbicide offers broad-spectrum postemergence...

Element 3A (Gal)

SKU: ELEMENT004 | Brand: DOW
2 x 2.5 gal

Active Ingredient: Triclopyr Butoxyethyl ester 44.4%



Element 3A Herbicide is the liquid ester formulation for foliar and basal bark applications, and is effective...

Fore 80WP Rainshield

SKU: FORE177 | Brand: DOW
8 x 4 x 1.5 lb


Active Ingredient:  Mancozeb - 80% 


Fore Rainshield 80 WP Specialty Fungicide, for use on turf and ornamentals, is a unique broad-spectrum fungicide...

Gallery 75 DF (HMSP)

SKU: GALLERY262 | Brand: DOW
4 x 1 Lb

Active Ingredient 
Isoxaben - 75%

 Gallery herbicide is a specialty pre-emergent herbicide containing the active ingredient
 For use in Commercial Turf-grass, Landscape...

Garlon 4 Ultra (equal to Pathfinder II)

SKU: GARLON132 | Brand: DOW
2 x 2.5 gal

Active Ingredient:  Triclopyr - 60.45% 


Garlon 4 Ultra Herbicide is the industry standard for herbicide control. Made by Dow AgroSciences, this product keeps...