Cutless 50W

SKU: CUTLESS451 | Brand: Sepro

8 x 2 Oz

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Cutless 50W Turf Growth Regulator is a type II Class B plant growth regulator (PGR) which reduces leaf blade length and stem internode elongation in turfgrasses resulting in a more compact growth form.

Growth regulation results from suppression of gibberellic acid biosynthesis. Under normal growing conditions root growth and lateral expansion of turf are not affected. An appropriate fertility program for the desired turf are not affected. 

Key benefits for warm-season turfgrasses
  Increased turf density 
  Improved turf color (darker green) 
  Reduced water use, resulting in less turf wilt 
  Up to 50% reduction in mowing 
  Up to 50% fewer clippings

Also suppresses Poa annua (annual bluegrass) populations in perennial turfgrasses.
Active Ingredients:


Flurprimidol: a-(1-methylethyl)-a-[4-(trifluoromethoxy)-phenyl]-5-pyrimidinemethanol....50.00%