Dura-Flex Sign No Carts Green with White Letters

SKU: 5620-16-PAR | Brand: Par Aide Products Co.


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These incredibly popular, super durable signs are made from flexible molded resin, making them virtually unbreakable. 
They’re held firmly in place by beefy U-shaped stainless steel spikes, molded into the sign bodies.
They’re designed to maintain high legibility for years to come and require minimal upkeep. Patent Pending.

Additional Par Aide Dura-Flex Signs from Golf Ventures
Part NumberPart Description
5610-01White with green letters, “Ground Under Repair”
5610-02White with green letters, “Tee Area Closed”
5610-03White with green letters, “No Carts Past Here”
5610-04White with green letters, “Keep Carts On Path”
5610-05White with green letters, “Please Rake Bunkers”
5610-06White with green letters, “Please Repair Ball Marks”
5610-07White with green letters, “Drop Area”
5610-08White with green letters, “Wet Area Carts Keep Off”
5610-09White with green letters, “Please Replace Divots”
5610-10White with green letters, “Please Keep OFF”
5610-11White with green letters, “Carts Scatter”
5610-12White with green letters, “Putting Green Closed”
5610-13White with green letters, “No Chipping”
5610-14White with green letters, “Next Tee ?”
5610-16White with green letters, “No Carts”
5610-17White with green letters, “?Carts”
5610-18White with green letters, “Carts ?”
5610-19White with green letters, “?Next Tee”
5610-20White with green letters, “Next Tee ?”
5610-21White with green letters, “Please Observe 90° Rule”
5610-22White with green letters, “Trolleys?”
5610-23White with green letters, “?Trolleys”
5610-24White with green letters, “No Trolleys”
5610-25White with green letters, “Drop Zone”
5620-01“Ground Under Repair”, Green with white letters
5620-02Green with white letters, “Tee Area Closed”
5620-03Green with white letters, “No Carts Past Here”
5620-04Green with white letters, “Keep Carts On Path”
5620-05Green with white letters, “Please Rake Bunkers”
5620-06Green with white letters, “Please Repair Ball Marks”
5620-07Green with white letters, “Drop Area”
5620-08Green with white letters, “Wet Area Carts Keep Off”
5620-09Green with white letters, “Please Replace Divots”
5620-10Green with white letters, “Please Keep OFF”
5620-11Green with white letters, “Carts Scatter”
5620-12Green with white letters, “Putting Green Closed”
5620-13Green with white letters, “No Chipping”
5620-14Green with white letters, “Next Tee ?”
5620-16Green with white letters, “No Carts”
5620-17Green with white letters, “?Carts”
5620-18Green with white letters, “Carts ?”
5620-19Green with white letters, “?Next Tee”
5620-20Green with white letters, “Next Tee ?”
5620-21Green with white letters, “Please Observe 90° Rule”
5620-22Green with white letters, “Trolleys?”
5620-23Green with white letters, “?Trolleys”
5620-24Green with white letters, “No Trolleys”
5620-25Green with white letters, “Drop Zone”
5630-01“Ground Under Repair”, Yellow with black letters
5630-02“Tee Area Closed”, Yellow with black letters
5630-03Yellow with black letters, “No Carts Past Here”
5630-04Yellow with black letters, “Keep Carts On Path”
5630-05Yellow with black letters, “Please Rake Bunkers”
5630-06Yellow with black letters, “Please Repair Ball Marks”
5630-07Yellow with black letters, “Drop Area”
5630-08Yellow with black letters, “Wet Area Carts Keep Off”
5630-09Yellow with black letters, “Please Replace Divots”
5630-10Yellow with black letters, “Please Keep OFF”
5630-11Yellow with black letters, “Carts Scatter”
5630-12Yellow with black letters, “Putting Green Closed”
5630-13Yellow with black letters, “No Chipping”
5630-14Yellow with black letters, “Next Tee ?”
5630-16Yellow with black letters, “No Carts”
5630-17Yellow with black letters, “?Carts”
5630-18Yellow with black letters, “Carts ?”
5630-19Yellow with black letters, “?Next Tee”
5630-20Yellow with black letters, “Next Tee ?”
5630-21Yellow with black letters, “Please Observe 90° Rule”
5630-22Yellow with black letters, “Trolleys?”
5630-23Yellow with black letters, “?Trolleys”
5630-24Yellow with black letters, “No Trolleys”
5630-25Yellow with black letters, “Drop Zone”