SKU: DISARM001 | Brand: FMC Corporation

4 x 16 Oz Carton

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Active Ingredients: Fluoxastrobin.......0.25%

Fame Granular Fungicide: 

    The Spreadable Solution 


Championship turf is affordable for lawn care. 

Fame Granular Strobilurin Fungicide is affordably priced for lawn turf to help you attract and retain more accounts and increase your profitability. 

The granular Strobilurin formulation of Fame™ Granular Fungicide fits your lawn turf application requirements and is priced at a reasonable cost per 1,000 square feet so you can apply the same premium Strobilurin disease control used on golf courses at an economical cost for your lawn care accounts. You will get disease control that equals or exceeds competitive Strobilurins at a realistic cost per 1,000 square feet and extra benefits which all add up to increasing your bottom line: 
Broad spectrum for more disease control per dollar.
Excellent disease control to improve customer service and help reduce callbacks. 
Cost-effective disease control to retain more accounts and increase profitability. 
Complete lawn turf disease protection that fits your application requirements.


How the mode of activity in Fame Granular Fungicide provides superior disease control: 

    Quick leaf-systemic activity penetrates leaf surfaces and translocates throughout the entire plant to deliver fast-acting disease protection and stops established fungal growth. 
Upon absorption by the leaf surface, the cuticle acts as a stored reservoir of active ingredient, allowing translaminar movement throughout the plant tissue, protecting the undersides of grass blades and other surfaces not sprayed directly. 
Root systemic activity also allows turf plants to readily take up fluoxastrobin and then translocate it to all plant parts via the xylem, providing protection against invading fungi from within the plant. 
Fluoxastrobint is rainfast in as little as 15 minutes, giving you greater flexibility to work around irrigation schedules and sudden rainstorms. 


Diseases Controlled

Algae                         Anthracnose
Brown Patch                    Copper Spot 
Dicondra Leaf Spot            Dollar Spot
Fairy Ring                        Gray Leaf Spot 
Leaf Spot                        Melting Out 
Pink Patch                       Powdery Mildew 
Pythium Blight                  Pythium Root Rot, Damping Off 
Red Thread                      Rust 
Snow Mold                       Southern Blight 
Spring Dead Spot              Summer Patch 
Take-All Patch                  Zoysia Patch 


Adjuvant             Rate                    Water Volume
Kinetic                1pt/100gal            1.0 - 2.0 gal