Goose & Crabgrass

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Goosegrass also referred to as Silver Crabgrass, Wire-grass, Yard-grass, Bullgrass and Crowfoot-grass – is a perennial grassy weed.
Eleusine indica is primarily found in disturbed sites, lawns, and growing in cracks in concrete and pavement.
Goosegrass is commonly found throughout much of the continental United States. 


Identifying Goosegrass -

Goosegrass can be identified as a horizontally growing, dark green annual forming a wiry, tough rosette. 
Its ligule is toothed, divided at the center, and its blades are folded along the midvein. 
Goosegrass sheaths are compressed and flattened, white near the base and sparsely hairy along the edges. 

Goosegrass seedheads typically contain anywhere from 3 -7 spikes forming at the tip of the seed stalk.
 The seeds are attached closely to the spike and generally germinate 2-3 weeks after crabgrass.