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Use Manuscript to Eliminate Tropical SignalGrass

Syngenta Manuscript® is a new selective herbicide approved for use in Florida.  The advanced form of the herbicide's ACCase mode works fast on tough mixed grasses including mature weeds.  Desirable turf quickly fills in voids left behind after weeds are controlled, especially in the summer when warm-season turf is actively growing.  In fact, Manuscript causes little-to-no injury or growth regulation to bermudagrass or zoysiagrass when applied at broadcast or spot treatment rates.

Manuscript 24(c) Label
Adigor Label

Can be applied with a boom sprayer (for larger areas) or backpack sprayer.  Manuscript applications are recommended between the end of May and the beginning of September. This will encourage desirable grass to fill in quickly while it is actively growing.

Manuscript herbicide has been granted a FIFRA Section 24(c) Special Local Needs label in Florida for golf courses and sod farms. Manuscript contains a new active ingredient for turf, pinoxaden, for post-emergence control of grassy weeds including tropical signalgrass, bull/thin leaf paspalum and more in the heat of the summer. 

A Unique Solution for Tough Weeds

Representing a new class of chemistry for turf, Manuscript is a highly active herbicide that controls mature weeds in certain warm-season grasses on golf course fairways, tees, roughs and on sod farms. It can be used in the heat of summer when desired turfgrass is actively growing and will fill in most rapidly, and is formulated with a built-in, proprietary safener to enhance performance and turf safety. 

The products active ingredient pinoxaden (phenylpyrazolin), is rapidly absorbed and translocated to the growing points of weed foliage, where its powerful phenylpyrazolin inhibitor halts ACCase enzyme activity on tough grassy weeds for improved safety and resistance management.

The product includes a built-in safener (cloquintocet-mexyl) that speeds metabolism of pinoxaden in desirable turf and improves weed control performance.  The safener further improves selectivity against tough, actively growing weeds without temperature restrictions - and helps desirable grasses recover faster.  Can be used for spot treatments around ornamental beds and shrubs.  

Packaged with AdigorTM surfactant from Syngenta, which is custom built to be used with  Manuscript to maximize the quantity and rate of absorption of pinoxaden, as well as the degree of translocation once pinoxaden is in the plant.  With Manuscript, Adigor is specifically designed to: 
   Speed and maximize foliar absorption
   Increase spray droplet deposition
   Enhance droplet spreading
   Soften plant cuticle to speed and maximize absorption
   Improved turf safety and efficacy
   Improve rainfastness in as quickly as one hour

DO NOT treat more than 10,000 ft.2/A
DO NOT apply more than 19.2 fl. oz./A of Manuscript per calendar year

Manuscript® herbicide is sold as a combination of Manuscript herbicide and Adigor™ surfactant. Currently approved for post emergence control of weeds on golf courses & sod farms only.

   St. Augustinegrass (sod only)

The current Manuscript case will only be available to ship and sell in the state of Florida only

Manuscript 24(c) Label, click here
Adigor Label, click here

Manuscript Selective Herbicide
Active Ingredient:
Pinoxaden* .........................................................................................................................5.05%
Other Ingredients: 94.95%
Total: 100.00%

Adigor Adjuvant Surfactant
Principal Functioning Agent:
Methyl ester of fatty acids, alcohol ethoxylate, petroleum distillates ......................... 100.0%

New selective herbicide from Syngenta that targets Signalgrass, Paspallum, and other tough weeds.  Shipped in cases.  

Please note, in Florida the SLN 24(c) label will be included in the package case and must be in the applicator’s possession at the time of application.  Federal Section 3 registration is pending.

Program Approach
After removing patches of tropical signalgrass with Manuscript, secondary weeds like sedges and prostrate spurge will fill in faster than turfgrass.  Use herbicides that prevent a broad spectrum of weeds and will reduce the re-establishment of tropical signalgrass, so desirable turf can grow without weed competition.  Apply COMAND for even faster recovery,.