Milorganite Classic 150SGN

SKU: MILORGA002 | Brand: Milorganite

50 lb bag

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Milorganite Classic

Professional Turf Grass
Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Expect long-lasting growth and color with little nutrient leaching.
Use Milorganite mixed with sand as a topdressing on thin spots on greens.
Milorganite can be used safely around concrete to provide plant-available iron without staining.

  Non-burning organic nitrogen
  Rich in water insoluble nitrogen
  Contains 4% Iron to enhance greening
  Consistent quality

Guaranteed Analysis 
  Total Nitrogen (N) 6.0%
  Water Soluble Nitrogen 2.5%
  Water Insoluble Nitrogen* 3.5%
  Available Phosphate (PO5) 4.0%
  Calcium (Ca) 1.2%
  Total Iron (Fe) 2.5%
  Chlorine (Cl) maximum 1.0%

Active Ingredient
  Total Nitrogen