NutriSmart-B SGN 150 0-0-0 OMRI listed

SKU: NUTRISMART-B-SGN-150 | Brand: Albaugh Specialty Products

50 lb bag

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NutriSmart-B SGN 150 0-0-0 OMRI listed

NutriSmart SGN 150 is an efficient way to optimize the performance of your turf fertility program - it ensures lush, healthy turf through timely release of critical nutrients and improvement of soil quality while reducing ground applications of N, P, K. Applied as few as once or twice per year, NutriSmart can effectively help reduce labor costs, free up warehouse space and allow golf course superintendents more time to tend to other matters.

Containing only active microbes and other natural products, patented NutriSmart is safe to use. With the ability to significantly reduce phosphate and nitrate leaching, it is an environmentally friendly solution to maintain both turf quality and operational efficiency.

NutriSmart-B SGN 150 0-0-0 Features

  • Designed for use on golf tees, greens and other fine grasses.
  • Ideal as a long term source of NPK - up to 6 months.
  • Contributes to a thicker, greener turf with lush roots.
  • All the components of NutriSmart are naturally occuring substances.  
  • NutriSmart contains no soluble N, P or K.
  • The microbes found in NutriSmart are common yeasts treated to supply N, P & K.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Non-toxic to humans and wildlife
  • Safe for growers and consumers
  • Negligible leaching – reduced N and P pollution
  • Enriched soil with more organic matter & biological activity

Guaranteed Analysis
Available Phosphate (P2O5). . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5%
    Derived from: Phosphate rock.

NutriSmart is an environmentally friendly microbial fertilizer distributed by Performance Nutrition.  Ships in 50 pound bags.