A phosphite in inorganic chemistry is a salt of phosphorous acid, H3PO3.

Phosphite salts can be used as a biodegradable fungicide to protect golf course turfgrass against Pythium root rot and other  pathogens of the order Oomycetes.  It’s primarily used on greens and fairways as a preventative treatment.

Phosphite treatments works by boosting the turf grasses own natural defenses and thereby allowing susceptible plants to survive infections.   Most turfgrass fungicides are either contacts or translocated in plant xylem,  however the phosphonate fungicides possess movement in both xylem and phloem. Translocation in phloem allows the fungicide to move from leaf tissues to the crowns and roots. Because of this unique property, phosphonates are viewed as excellent fungicides for controlling root rot diseases such as Pythium root rot and dysfunction caused by various Pythium  species.



Affirm WDG

SKU: AFFIRM001 | Brand: NuFarm
3 x 2.4 Lb

This product is primarily intended for use as a Biological Control (Diseases) in the Turf & Ornamentals sector. 

Affirm™ WDG is a concentrated, easy-to-mix water dispersible granule...


SKU: 09048PPL100-BRA | Brand: Brandt
2 x 2.5 Gal


Fungi-Phite helps to fight Phytophthora, Pythium, downy mildew and brown rot, as well as blue and green mold and other crop diseases.  Fungi-Phite is an excellent fit for integrated...

Gro-Phite 0-0-25

SKU: 32137VLS100-BRA | Brand: Brandt
2 x 2.5 Gal

Target Usage/ Application Foliar or Soil Nutrient

Gro-Phite 0-0-25 is a highly soluble, concentrated nutrient solution that is beneficial to plant growth when applied as a properly timed foliar...

Nutri-Grow Magnum with N-Riched 2-0-16

SKU: 32136VLS100-BRA | Brand: Brandt

Foliar or Soil Nutrient

Nutri-Grow Magnum with N-Riched 2-0-16 combine patented formulations of phosphite and organic acids that deliver a powerful nutritional punch to help sports turf perform,...

Quali Phite F

SKU: 83801460 | Brand: Control Solutions
2 x 2.5 gal

A phosphorus acid fungicide for the suppression and control of Phytophthora,...

Quali Phite F

SKU: 83801470 | Brand: Control Solutions
30 gal

A phosphorus acid fungicide for the suppression and control of Phytophthora,...


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