Microbial products are made up of beneficial bacteria and are used to naturally break down organic waste in both water and soil environments. 
Beneficial bacteria work by producing specific enzymes that can quickly liquefy various types of organic waste making the waste available for the bacteria to consume and digest. 
This digestion, in turn, converts the waste primarily into harmless carbon dioxide and water.


Mycostim Mycorrhizae (Lbs)

SKU: MYCOSTI001 | Brand: Organic Labs
30 Lb Bags

Organic Laboratories MycoStim is a powerful soil inoculant that combines beneficial root colonizing fungi — 8 super-strains of mycorrhizae and 2 species of tricoderma — with amino acids, kelp extracts...

Xentari (Lbs)

SKU: XENTARI660 | Brand: Valent
30x 1 Lb

XenTari is a highly selective insecticide for use against larvae (worms) of lepidopterous insects. XenTari has outstanding efficacy against armyworms and diamondback moth larvae. The active ingredient...


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