7-0-14 ZeroPhos Coarse Grade

SKU: 1270GR-50-BTG | Brand: Grigg Brothers

2 x 2.5 Gal

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This protein-based granular fertilizer is designed for turf managers where phosphorous is not required or is restricted due to environmental concerns for surface water quality. The 7% iron component provides a superior and lasting color response with controlled release nitrogen, manganese, zinc, sea plant extract and leonardite. The micronutrients have been formulated with sucrate to enhance plant uptake.


7-0-14 ZeroPhos has all of the same great qualities as all GreenSpec products PLUS these unique qualities:

A special formulation containing no phosphorus for use at environmentally restricted areas.

Contains micronutrients specially formulated with sugars called "sucrates". As a result, these micros are absorbed much more quickly than those in traditional lawn fertilizers.

A multi-purpose plant food and soil conditioning fertilizer that has been specially designed for use in all seasons. 7-0-14 ZeroPhos contains 7% iron in two release forms. Iron sulfate releases quickly for faster results. Iron sucrate releases more slowly to help maintain long-term color.

Nutrient release and subsequent plant uptake determined by microbial activity and will vary based on soil moisture, temperature, pH, and turfgrass species.


7.0% Total Nitrogen
     (1.4% Ammoniacal)
     (4.6% Water Soluble)
     (1.0% Water Insoluble)
14.0% Soluble Potash (K2O)
7.0% Calcium (Ca)
7.0% Total Sulfur (S)
     (7.0% Combined Sulfur)
7.0% Iron (Fe)
     (2.0% Water Soluble)
1.5% Manganese (Mn)
     (0.5% Water Soluble)
0.2% Zinc (Zn)
     (0.08% Water Soluble)