Aqua-Aid Penetrant

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Aqua-Aid Penetrant Wetting Agent
Premium Soil Wetting Agent 

Aqua-Aid is a penetrating soil wetting agent formulated to increase infiltration of water into the soil profile. Aqua-Aid is easy to use and will not harm turf when used in accordance with product directions. When used as directed it can be applied at any time of the year when water repellency and/or localized dry spots impact the vigorous appearance of turfgrass.

Aqua-Aid is 15 to 30 Day Penetrant:
     • Reduces water surface tension
     • Provides a uniform soil moisture profile
     • Reduces water usage
     • Increases nutrient uptake
     • Effective at low rates
     • Increases water penetration
     • Helps leach harmful salts
     • Cost effective

Contains Non Plant Food Ingredients:
Active Ingredient
Non-ionic polyols ……...……. 19%
Inert ingredients …………….. 81%