Brandt Blue Lagoon SS

SKU: 51003BRN021BL-BRA | Brand: Brandt

12 x 1 quart

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Blue Pond, Lake and Fountain Dye

BRANDT BLUE LAGOON is a safe and non-toxic colorant product designed to create natural, healthy looking environments in lakes, ponds, water hazards, or large fountains. Water treated with BRANDT BLUE LAGOON is a brilliant, natural color that does not appear to be artificial. Safe with fish, waterfowl and livestock, treated water may be used for irrigation, swimming and other recreational sports.

BRANDT BLUE LAGOON is a bird blocker formulation designed to darken water sufficiently to protect against fish “poaching” in aquacultural environments.

BRANDT Blue Lagoon Advantages
  Easy to apply
  Compatible with most herbicides and algaecides
  Bird Blocker formulation prevents fish “poaching”
  Non-toxic, harmless to fish and wildlife
  Economical and longer lasting

BRANDT BLUE LAGOON SS super concentrate ships in 12 X 1 Quart case.