Brandt Blue Shadow SS

SKU: 51001BRN044SL-BRA | Brand: Brandt

2 x 2.5 Gal

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Aqua Blue Lake and Pond Colorant

Blue Shadow S.S. colors lakes, ponds and fountains in the same manner and rates as Blue Lagoon SS, but imparts a pleasant shade reminiscent of the deep waters of the Caribbean.

Brandt Blue Shadow SS Blue Green Lake and Pond Colorant is a super strength formula that adds a natural looking blue/green deep water hue to improve appearances of lakes, ponds, lagoons and fountains. Brandt Blue Shadow SS is safe for wildlife and humans and will not stain fish or birds. Swimming, fishing and irrigation is safe to do with this product after it has dispersed thoroughly. 

Blue Shadow SS Advantages
  Beautiful aquamarine tropical water color
  Compatible with most herbicides and algaecides
  Gives waterscapes a fresh, new look
  Non-toxic, harmless to fish and wildlife
  Economical and longer lasting

SS (Super Strength) formula is 4 times concentrated and 1 quart. is comparable to a gallon size of other conventional dyes.