Brandt Converge 18-0-6

SKU: 18060BRN100-BRA | Brand: Brandt

2 x 2.5 Gal

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BRANDT CONVERGE SRN 18-0-6 brings it all together in one highly efficient, foliar nutritional product. The fully chelated micronutrient package can be taken up either by foliar or soil absorption. The unique blend of ingredients provides quick greening to turfgrasses without rapid top growth.

Guaranteed Analysis
      Total Nitrogen (N) . 18.00%
               0.6% Nitrate nitrogen
               2.0% Urea nitrogen
              5.4% Other water soluble nitrogen*
      Soluble Potash (K2O) 6.00%
      Copper (Cu) . 0.05%
             0.05% Chelated copper
       Iron (Fe) 0.10%
             0.10% Chelated iron
       Manganese (Mn) . 0.05%
             0.05% Chelated manganese
       Zinc (Zn) 0.05%
             0.05% Chelated zinc

Derived from potassium nitrate, triazone, methylene urea, urea, copper EDTA, iron EDTA, manganese EDTA and zinc EDTA.  5.4% Slowly available nitrogen from triazone and methylene urea.

Manufactured by Brandt.  Shipped as 2 X 2.5 gallon case.