COMANDscape - COMAND Landscape Mix



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Sold by the yard (minimum 20 yards).

COMANDscape is a professional grade potting and landscape soil, which utilizes the biological power of COMAND®.  It can be utilized as a direct growing media in planting beds and in outdoor and indoor planters.

COMANDscape is an extremely versatile product with a specially blended formula for promoting strong and healthy plant growth.  It contains composted pine bark and high quality compost products stabilized through the use of a proprietary composting process, known as the MSAP Method, developed by Harvest Quest.

The product is carefully processed through several phases of curing to maintain excellent soil building attributes and a remarkable abundance of beneficial microorganisms.


Greatly improves the soils ability to absorb and store water, providing greater drought resistance and more efficient water utilization

Encourages vigorous root growth

Improves plant survival & growth rates

The presence of soil organisms is essential for productive soils and healthy plants. The organic matter in COMANDscape adds high quality organic matter to soil, increasing its quality and long-term success.

Product Range

COMANDscape ½” Fine grade
   Ideal for small containers and bedding plants

COMANDscape 1¼” Coarse grade
   Ideal for large landscape beds and tree & shrub plantings


 How Much Do I Need?

Application depth

Volume Required

per 1,000 sq ft

1 inch

3.2 Cu/Yards

2 inch

6.4 Cu/Yards

3 inch

9.6 Cu/Yards

4 inch

12.8 Cu/Yards