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Divanem will be available from Golf Ventures in March

Divanem will be available from Golf Ventures in March Golf Ventures 2/15/2017 4:09:28 PM

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted registration to new Divanem nematicide from Syngenta. With the active ingredient abamectin, Divanem delivers excellent turf quality through proven, broad-spectrum control of nematodes on golf course tees, greens and fairways and is safe for use on all turfgrass species.

Golf Ventures will carry Divanem nematicide as soon as its approved for turfgrass applications in Florida - around mid-March.

The new nematicide stays in the layer of soil where nematodes are most active. There, it not only helps defend roots against nematode feeding but also helps enhance root quality and growth. In trials, Divanem has been shown to help improve root mass and quality drastically, allowing for stronger turf that can recover quicker from stress, like drought and aerification.

"This is a great product for our market," said Glen Thompson, director of sales at Golf Ventures.

Divanem will be available in a case with two half-gallon bottles and as part of a Multipak with Heritage Action.

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