Single Reservoir Machine -12 Zone

SKU: SMSRM12ZV3-SPR | Brand: Sprinkler Magician

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12 Zone Spray System

Easy, convenient and affordable, this patented pest control system uses an existing in-ground sprinkler system to automatically apply our 100% non-toxic, all natural concentrates to any area you want to protect from biting pests!

Competitors machines are ineffective and waste concentrate because they are "dumb" and run anytime the sprinkler system is watering. Sprinkler Magicians technology automatically takes control of your sprinkler system, running it at optimum intervals (or whenever you want) to effectively treat for pests. It also ensures that the correct ratio of water is applied.

As competitors systems run WITH the irrigation watering cycle, almost all of their concentrate is washed off the plants and into the ground – where it does no good. Only the Sprinkler Magician system has the technology to apply the correct amount of concentrate, automatically, whenever you want to. It's no wonder it works as well as our customers claim.

Once sprayed, the long-lasting solution works to repel mosquitoes and other biting pests. Simply select how often you'd like to treat—whether it be daily, every two days, twice a week or once a week—and the Sprinkler Magician machine does the rest.  There are no offensive odors or lingering residues.

It'll even warn you when the Mosquito Magician Concentrate starts to run low!

100% Automatic—set it & enjoy!
100% Safe Using All Natural Products—pet & kid-friendly
Long-lasting---doesn't get washed off
Uses Mosquito Magician concentrate with 6 active ingredients

Protects Against: 
  Lawn Grubs 
  Silverfish Crickets 
  Fire Ants 
  Fruit Flies 
  Chinch Bugs 
  Palmetto Bugs

The following points outline the benefits of Sprinkler Magician versus Spraying or Fogging properties, or buying a conventional mosquito misting systems:
1. No manual labor involved. Once Sprinkler Magician is installed just set the desired application schedule and it runs automatically.
2. Eliminate human error in mixing. Sprinkler Magician Machines are set up to use the required amount every time it runs.
3. Not have areas missed when being applied. Our systems will automatically apply to every area your sprinkler system covers.
4. Not applying a pesticide when your guests / customers are using the property. Our system utilizes the sprinkler system and can run in the middle of the night for just a couple of minutes per zone.
5. No harsh or harmful chemicals. Mosquito Magician qualifies as a Class 25 B product with the Environmental Protection Agency. These are nontoxic mixes containing only natural components.
6. No harm to the environment, butterflies, birds, fish, pets or humans. No pyrethrums in Mosquito Magician, just a 100% natural and safe mixture of plant oils and emulsifiers.
7. Literally no maintenance other than filling the reservoir once in a while.
8. Keep your Green Certificate by using a nontoxic all natural product

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