TriCure Granular (Ton)

SKU: TRICURE330 | Brand: Mitchell Products

40 Lb

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TriCure Granular

TriCure Granular is formulated to provide a convenient and effective method for the treatment and prevention of hydrophobic conditions in soils. Easy to apply by hand or with spreaders, TriCure Granular is convenient for use on slopes, bunker edges, greens, approaches, and spot treatments on problem areas such as localized dry spots.

Product Benefits

  Easy application, no residual
  Uses DG Lite as the inert carrier
  Eliminates Localized Dry Spots
  Improved infiltration and water penetration
  Uniform distribution of water to the rootzone
  Reduces labor cost associated with hand watering

Active Ingredients
  Dihydrooxirane, epihydrin