TriCure Pellets (priced by 3-pellet tube)

SKU: TRICURE332 | Brand: Mitchell Products

12 x 3 pellets

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TriCure Soil Surfactant Pellets

TriCure Soil Surfactant Pellets are formulated for use as a fast, convenient method of applying TriCure Surfactant through hose-end applicators to prevent and treat hydrophobic soils. Pellets are designed to dissolve quickly to allow fast application with chemical dosage sufficient to effectively treat and prevent hydrophobic soils. Pellets can be used as a supplement to regular water management programs or as a stand-alone method of treating soils.

Product Benefits

  Fast melting – allowing for stronger treatment
  Effectively prevents and treats Localized Dry Spots
  Alternate method to spray applications for greens
  Enhances uniform penetration of water into the soil profile
  Enhances recovery of stress damaged turf
  Easy-to-carry containers (3 pellets per tube)

Active Ingredients
  Dihydrooxirane, epihydrin