Turf Techno Multi Purpose Cleaner (MPC)

SKU: CLN-TRF-016-012-TTN | Brand: Turf Techno

12 x 1PT

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Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Stains actually dissolve for easy clean-up. Will not smear like traditional solvents. Surpasses the cleaning power of products containing up to 40% petroleum based products.. No need for expensive enzymes or corrosive hydrogen peroxide.

Cleans entire golf carts: Interior, exterior and windshields.

Cleans all vinyl, plastics, wheels, fiberglass,metals, stainless steel, and cart seats

Removes turf pigment residue from hands. Solves all your general purpose cleaning needs.

  Cleans seats, plastics, glass carts, fiberglass
  Removes pigment residue from hands
  Safe for employees and the environment
  Excellent for all general cleaning purposes
  Refreshing citrus scent
  NSF Food-Grade (A-1)

From Turf Techno / Turf Tech.  Sold as case of 12 X 16oz spray bottles.