Turf Techno Pigment Tank Wash

SKU: CLN-TNK-005-001-TTN | Brand: Turf Techno

2 x 2.5 Gal

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Tank Wash

Removes turf pigment residue from insides of spray tanks. The active ingredients are derived from bio-based sources. The new patent-pending, water-based surfactant blend provides powerful cleaning specifically for pigment buildup inside spray tanks.

Product Characteristics
  Cleans both the inside and outside of sprayers
  Protects Employees
  Added Rust Inhibitor
  Neutral pH with low toxicity
  Safe for hand-cleaning applications
  Safe around people, pets and the environment

  Sprinkler Heads
  Drop Seeders
  Walking Green Mowers
  Spray Tanks
  Fairway Mowers
  Wheel Hubs
  Plastic Fenders
  Maintenance Carts and Trailers
  Fertilizer Spreaders
  Top Dressers
  Tee Markers
  Irrigation Heads
  Yardage Markers
  Stainless Steel Golf Carts
  Triplex Mowers
  Verticut Machines

From Turf Techno.  Sold as 2 X 2.5 gallon cases.