Venture Kelp Tablets

SKU: GV00209-AME | Brand: Golf Ventures

Box of 6

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Venture Kelp Tablets utilize an industry leading 3-way wetting agent used in our Venture Wet tablets, plus a natural and potent source of bio stimulants derived from processed organic seaweed extract.

Venture Kelp Tablets excel at treating localized dry spots and hydrophobic soil media, whilst also delivering a highly-bioavailable blend of bio stimulants directly to a plant’s root system.  Our tablets utilize organic, European-sourced seaweed extract to promote rapid root development and increase plant stress tolerance.

Venture Kelp tablets increase the production of hormones such as IAA, with the benefits of strengthening the cell wall and increasing root growth, which allows for greatly improved abortion and retention of water and nutrients.

Quick Benefits

  100% active formulation
  Excellent penetration, spreading and re-wetting
  Contains highly bioavailable European-sourced seaweed extract
  Increases nutrient uptake, plant vigor and stress tolerance.
  Promotes faster and more complete root development.

Immerse Seaweed tablets are designed to treat localized dry spots and hydrophobic soil media.

A single Immerse Seaweed tablet will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes and can spot treat 6 to 7 averaged-sized golf greens. Rate of dissolution will depend upon water pressure and temperature.

Shipped in a box of 6 X 8 ounce tablets.

For use with the Venture Applicator.

Part of our Venture Line products.