Venture Stress Relief Tablets

SKU: GV00191-AME | Brand: Golf Ventures

Box of 6

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Amino Acid Infused Wetting Agent Pellets

Venture Stress Relief Tablets are 100% active wetting agent pellets designed to excel in the treatment of localized dry spots, and hydrophobic soil media.  Venture Stress Relief Tablets improve water infiltration, thereby increasing watering efficiency and reducing the amount of water required to sustain turf health.

Venture Stress Relief tablets combine the industry-leading penetration, spreading and rewetting properties with cutting edge amino acid technology.  Our premium soil surfactant is formulated specifically to increase turf quality by treating soil hydrophobicity and promoting uniform moisture access on a root zone-level.  Excels at treating localized dry spots (LDS) and relieving stress in drought-stricken turf.

A single 8 oz tablet will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes and can spot treat 6 to 7 averaged-sized golf greens. Rate of dissolution will depend upon water pressure and temperature.

Quick Benefits
  100% active formulation
   Highly Stable
   Treats soil hydrophobicity
   Increases water efficiency
   Combats LDS
   Compatible with all types of turf
   Excellent penetration, spreading, wetting and re-wetting

Shipped in a box of 6 X 8 ounce tablets.

For use with the Venture Applicator.

Part of our Venture Line products.